Young People Had The Power To Change Their Lives And Better Their Communities Through Entrepreneurship?

Making Moguls believes the most disadvantaged and disengaged young people should have:

The Power to start community businesses that change perceptions of ownership and dependency.
The Power to employ their peers and create neighborhood-based manufacturing pipelines.
The Power to acquire transferable skills and pursue new career opportunities.
The Power to create paths to enter the middle class.


We believe in a level playing field where the most disadvantaged young people pursue and achieve their entrepreneurial goals while improving their lives and their communities.


Making Moguls Works to Empower Young People Through Business and Entrepreneurship

Making Moguls is a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to helping disadvantaged students succeed in the business world by developing their entrepreneurial skills and providing support for their dreams. Making Moguls provides enterprising young people with the tools and resources necessary for entrepreneurial success. Our students receive entrepreneurial training, professional mentoring, business funding and other valuable resources. We work with our students virtually through our innovative portal which includes, among other things, our Mentoring Hub, Funding Center and Resource Library.


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An Effective Program  –
and an Unmet Need

To open doors for disadvantaged and disengaged youth across the country, Making Moguls works closely with META24, a highly innovative educational curriculum and entrepreneurial training program. META24’s initials stand for Make-Enterprise-Teach-Achieve.


Profiles in Success


At age 16, Jorge was determined to make a better life for himself. He enrolled in the META24 entrepreneurial training program, completed the curriculum and started his first business, making wooden game sets and custom furniture through his company, The Built King. Drawing on that experience, Jorge now operates landscaping/gardening, snow removal and paving businesses. Through his talent, hard work and determination, he has turned his life around and is on a path to sustainable entrepreneurial success. “It is real, it is ours. I mean we get to learn something that other high school kids don’t and I am still reading, writing, and doing math, but in a way that I understand,” he says.

Through Your Gift of Work, Wealth or Wisdom, You Can Help Making Moguls

Young minority entrepreneurs are far from common in today’s society. All too often, these enterprising young people run into obstacles that prevent them from tapping their natural talents, limit their career options and keep them from improving their lives and communities.

Your support as an educator, mentor, philanthropist or grantor can open doors to success for aspiring but disadvantaged young entrepreneurs across the nation. You can help remove the barriers to their dreams and give them the critical support to move their lives forward.