I believe if you show people the problems and you show people the solutions, they will be moved to act.

— Bill Gates

No Greater Investment Opportunity

Young minority entrepreneurs are far from common in today’s society. All too often, these enterprising young people run into obstacles that prevent them from tapping their natural talents, limit their career options and keep them from improving their lives and communities.

Your support as an educator, mentor, philanthropist or grantor can open doors to success for aspiring but disadvantaged young entrepreneurs across the nation. You can help remove the barriers to their dreams and give them the critical support to move their lives forward.


♦ Take researched solutions to the next level as Making Moguls provides students with access to meaningful entrepreneurial training and support.

♦ Establish the three foundations key to entrepreneurial success: (1) Education & Training;  (2) Mentoring; and (3) Resources (including Funding).

Level the playing field by providing disadvantaged young people with the same entrepreneurial opportunities as their more advantaged counterparts.

Get Involved

Become a Mentor – Share your experience and expertise with an aspiring but disadvantaged young entrepreneur through our virtual mentoring program. If you are interested in becoming a Making Moguls mentor, please complete our Mentor Application Form.

Sponsor a Student – Fund an individual student’s program costs and/or business startup costs.

Sponsor a Program – Fund a new entrepreneurial training program or the expansion of an existing one.

Email us at contact@makingmoguls.org, or call us at 561-338-6846 to empower young people through business.

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